Pictures at an Exhibition

1. She calls out in the night
Not your name
Is she worthy of your sheets?

2. Miss Greeneyes do you lie on leaves in the darkness lost from sight?

3. Tables, crumbs, hard careless knots of meat
Breezes blowing over polished seat
No one talking, nothing to eat.

4. Peccata Mundi

Oh but they were lovely, some of ‘em
Delicious in the doing of ‘em.
Some are easy to talk of; some are best kept hid.

5. An old man gives a pound to a pretty girl
Because he's blind we wonder what he sees in her.
The pretty girl gives her pound to her young man.
She too is blind.

6. Murdered at thirty-two Paolo has never really recovered.

7. If this woman was not so white Gauguin would have loved her
Standing with her hands hipped
Lips rouge and round - do not touch me.....

8. Once she cried at the thought of it.
Today she laughed as she walked out the door.

9. Perhaps the grey faces would like to answer
Or are they best left undisturbed?
After all, this is the morning and morning is their kingdom.

10. This three-in-one business, now try to explain;
I've been mulling it over now and again.
But tell me, tell me, I really must know.
If I stay ignorant, how far will it show?
Come back, Jesus, I have a question!

11. Trust nothing and die.

12. The earth is round but the world is flat,
The old are experts in how it was.

13. There was so much in that word you uttered.
Did you feel it all?
It fell against me like a wave and I,
Mortal only,
Was dashed against your sharp edges.
You, looking down on the victim, looked down on me.

14. He wanted to walk on Autumn pavements
But there he stands, alone in Winter's graveyard,
Forsaking noisy streets for the unambiguous silence of the dead.

15. Forbidden rooms entice the godly.

16. Autumn's trees stand side by side with Winter's.
The dead all lie in dark caress.

17. It was the wisest thing.
They gathered round the burning monk to sing.
"This is the kingdom of the dead,
They walk no more that ruled our heads."
They will not explain: almost no-one else is worried.