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Systemic, Radical Social Change, a framework

As a Fellow of the RSA I receive regular issues of the RSA Magazine. In Issue 4 of the magazine for 2017/18 Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, addressed, in an article entitled Reprogramming the Future, the challenge for radical social change that becomes even more evident and urgent on an almost daily basis.

I developed a response which Matthew found interesting and you can read it HERE:-

Systemic Change


The BSF Challenge

Some years ago the Building Schools for the Future programme promised to overhaul the fabric of our schools and to eradicate leaking roofs, worn-out buildings and frankly in some cases dangerous working environments. Sadly it was an initiative with mixed application, some needless waste and which was nipped in the bud! I did, however, manage to get through a great deal of work on many schools, assessing physical fitness for purpose, and saw this as an opportunity to think again about what schools are for and how they should be organised and run to match these intentions. I shared them with Head Teachers and Local Authority officers and developed what I saw as the educational challenge that needed addressing to run alongside the estates challenge the government of the day had undertaken to meet. It amounted, in my mind, to a thoroughgoing transformation of the way we, educators, think about our methodologies and underlying principles. Here it is, and this could be the basis of a useful test of BSF’s success or failure and of the value of current proposals for educational reform.

The BSF Challenge


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