Peter Wells' Oration


"Mr Ed Baines is a highly successful and influential Educationist. Ed's early life in South Shields saw the germination of his passion for education where he experienced the influence the 11+ examination had on the lives of young children. After moving to Wales to take his first degree in French and Philosophy, he was subsequently employed as a Systems Analyst with Esso based in London. However, after a number of years, the lure of further study saw him gain an MA in Philosophy from the University of East Anglia, quickly followed by a move to Leeds to train as a secondary teacher in Modern Foreign Languages.

"After teaching in Milton Keynes (where Ed served on the Borough Council in the early years of its existence) and Leicestershire, Ed's next move was to a Headship in Kettering. The following ten years of leadership were characterised by a relentless focus on modernisation and innovation which led to year-on-year improvements in pupils' learning.

"Ed's "retirement" in the late 1990s did not signal a decrease in pace and ambition, if anything, the reverse. His educational work continued to be driven by a desire to make an immediate and positive impact on the educational experiences of children and young people. This was achieved via his role as Chair of the Board of Governors at Tresham College; lecturing in educational management for Leicester University; influencing the Academies programme, ensuring curriculum and facilities planning developed in unison; enabling a range of overseas international schools to improve their pupils' attainment. More recently, Ed's expertise and undiminished energy has been directed towards the development of some 33 (and rising) University Technical Colleges across the breadth of the country, including Northamptonshire."