Recent Past Projects

If I listed all my past projects this would be a horrendously over-sized page. Below are the most recent projects I have worked on (basically 2014 to 2016 work).

I have produced Masterplans for two highly successful schools, one in Rochester and one in Mill Hill.

UTC/Studio School work includes:-

  • Studio@Deyes in Maghull
  • Walsall Studio School
  • Scarborough UTC
  • Leeds UTC
  • Sheffield's second UTC
  • Bromley UTC
  • Peterborough UTC
  • Sir Frank Whittle SS
  • Bolton UTC
  • Apollo SS
  • Studio West SS in Newcastle
  • Crewe UTC
  • Global UTC
  • Humber UTC
  • Solihull UTC
  • South Bank UTC
  • South Durham UTC
  • Crewe SS
  • Warrington UTC
  • Vision SS Wet Notts

For UTCs and Studio Schools I begin by developing a deep understanding of curricular intentions. This involves engaging with the curriculum team and offering advice and guidance. From this I produce a curriculum plan that fits the UTC/Studio School's working week. I analyse the curriculum and draw up a facility plan including an accommodation schedule. My schedules are specially designed to inform design teams and architects on the next steps towards creating or remodelling the built estate to match those intentions.