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My Ideas are also enveloped in the poems I have written. Like these.......

My Poems

I have written poetry since my school days, but focus herein on more recent work. I shall, shortly, add some of the best of my earlier poems. As I flick through the poems myself, every now and then a theme or an issue will scream out at me. I am sure you will spot them, but I thought it might be useful to set some out more clearly. The themes have varied as my life has varied over time, with some fundamental notions that simply persist. Here are some of them:-

  • My disdain for the trappings and intricacies of corporate life: it's held me back at times
  • Death, which hasn't held me back yet, though it has touched me through others whom I loved, and funeral rites
  • Being in transit, a constant unsettling mood
  • Fragmentation of the experience of life into little scenes, ideas, threadless but connected
  • Religion, which trapped me early and won't let go, but I know I am strong and cynical enough to escape... soon
  • Old age - its depredations, its joys, how to beat it or die trying
  • Fear, fears, women, this puzzling world, relationships, self knowledge, self ignorance, confusion, blinding clarity, hope, despair, words and their rhythms, the ignorance and ineptitude of many of those in positions of power.

    Read these, why don't you?

     Late Thoughts

      Always Walk with me

     For my friends in Acomb


     Atom Cloud

     Death in a Brick Field

     Dinner Dance


     Is this the First Day or the Last?

     My Mistress Waits for Me

     Night and Day

     Stones in his Pockets


     The Old Man

     Two Poems from Robin Hood's Bay

     You Bury Me





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