Who I am

After over ten years of successful headship I took to consultancy. During the past 17 years I have taken on a large number of projects both free-lance and working for several years with one of the UK's largest consultancy companies. I have worked on many types of project, including BSF, Academies and international educational consultancies. Since 2011 I have been Director and Principal Education Consultant with Harvest Education Ltd.

Most of my work has been Academy related - creating Education Briefs, developing curriculum models, facility planning (including schedules of accommodation) and implementation/opening. In recent years I have focused on University Technical Colleges (UTCs) and Studio Schools, specialising particularly in curriculum modelling and facility planning. My USP is a unique approach to curriculum analysis and space need derivation, ensuring that the schedules of accommodation I provide put an emphasis on sponsors' curriculum intentions. The accommodation will deliver the curriculum!

The skills involved in the above allow me also to undertake production of facility masterplans for schools seeking to expand in a coherent, thoroughly thought-through way.

In July 2013 I was awarded an honorary Fellowship by the University of Northampton (click here for pic). Peter Wells of the University delivered "the oration" and has written a superb version of it for the ceremony handbook. Click here to read it. It delivers a really good sweep of my life's work to date. It's odd seeing it all written down in this way. I have indeed been involved in the Academies programme since its inception in 2002, advising on educational development, curriculum thinking and facility planning. Much of my time now is devoted to the UTC project - the best innovation in English education for many years! - and to Studio Schools, an innovation set to transform the learning of young people who find the "traditional" school model unhelpful and counterproductive.

A recent endorsement from Dean Lythgoe, Principal Designate of Studio@Deyes - an exciting project in Maghull:

" A pleasure to work with, Ed brings experience, interest and a keen eye for detail. His perceptive questioning challenged and moved my thinking on our build forward. We'll create a better school for his input."